Orca Combo Watch Face

Orca Combo Watch Face

Orca Combo Watch Face

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In order to use this watch face you will need to install the latest WatchMaker application, which can be downloaded from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=slide.watchFrenzy.pr

The ORCA Combo watch face for WatchMaker features 9 different colors, choice of 5 colored Minute Hands,12 hour analog main hand, and 12/24 Hour digital time, Day, Date, Month, Watch battery level indication, Current Temp, Today's Hi/Lo Temp, Current Weather Condition, Steps Count and Heart Rate (May not currently function for all Watches), Wi-Fi signal strength, Multi Function LCD panel, Chronograph, Extra Time Zones, 3 Lume dim mode colors and multiple ambient mode activation times.

Functions are...
- Tap Logo area to cycle colors, blue, orange, grey, black, yellow, red, silver, green and white.
- Tap 8 area to cycle minute hand colors - Black, Chrome, Blue Red and Yellow.
- Tap 10 area to cycle dim lume color, Multi Color, Blue or Green.
- Tap 6 area to cycle dim modes, Auto Always, On Normal, Always On, Off and Auto On. Default is Auto On.
- Tap Center area of LCD panel to park hands and cycle functions...
- 1 = 24 Hour Digital Time.
- 2 = 12 Hour Digital Time with am/pm indication.
- 3 = Weather - Today's Hi/Lo Temps and Current Condition Text
- 4 = Steps Count and Heart Rate
- 5 = Stopwatch with milliseconds, seconds and minutes (In stopwatch mode tap 2 area to start/stop and tap 4 area to Reset stopwatch).
- 6 = Extra Time Zone 1 (Based on your WatchMaker Extra TZ settings).
- 7 = Extra Time Zone 2 (Based on your WatchMaker Extra TZ settings).
- 8 = Extra Time Zone 3 (Based on your WatchMaker Extra TZ settings).
- Left displays are watch battery level % and Day.
- Seconds hand is phone battery level indicator in dim and functions as follows.. pointing towards 12:00 = 100%, 9:00 = 75%, 6:00 = 50%, 3:00 = 25% etc.

Installation Steps
1. Install on your phone WatchMaker Premium: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=slide.watchFrenzy.premium
2. Download this watch face from Google Play and Install it to your phone
3. The watch face will appear automatically on the tab "MY WATCHES" of WatchMaker Premium app
4. Select watch face in WatchMaker
5. Tap the "SET WATCHFACE" tab to send to your watch.

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Added option for 5 - Minute Hand Color Choices.
Added additional Dim Mode Lume Color.